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Private visit at Terapung Island

The tour begin the moment you arrived, the fantastic and breathtaking tour begin. Explore how we make fish farm, in commercial name, Fish Garden filled various type of fish, big and small in-the-water-cage. Get yourself some knowledge about live gamat, turtle, squids and puffer fish. Also make available your activities is fish feeding and boating. If the tour alone is not enough lets dip yourself in the water - snorkeling. Perhaps you have to bring down you camera into the water too!

Come for the real experience of fishermen.

  • Book together with our room. 
    Book your room and you can add the tour at the end of the booking process.

Make separate booking with Whatsapp.

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Q : Can I buy another package after I have completed my booking?

A : Yes, contact us via Whatsapp or contact form.


Q : Can I change the date.

A : No, all booking is final

Our Special Rate

Marine Life Show & Snorkeling

​Indoor / Outdoor (3hours) :-

RM 70.00 per pax (minimum 4pax)

Trip Schedule :-
PM : 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Price include 2 way boat

Meal is NOT included

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