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About T Star Cottage

"Love green and nature" is the perfect keywords to describe our place. T Star Cottage is a cottage mixing design, comfort and blended with nature which makes the place unique, located along Teluk Baru Road, Pantai Tengah, Langkawi.

It is concept rooms to cater the needs of travelers towards traditional Malay, basic furnish air-conditioned rooms and non air-conditioned rooms, a cottage room-perfectly-for-two.


Located on the seaside road going to the end south tips of the island, about 35 minutes from main town, Kuah, 15 minutes from Langkawi International Airport and 5 minutes only from the nearest town and all happening till late night such as restaurant, spas, seafood restaurant and many other restaurant if you sort by country and cuisines, shopping mall, waters port, the place where most people want to be, the cottage is not hard to find and to access. Situated at a Langkawi authentic area, the cottage is only 100s meters away from the beach and at the foot of the thick rain forest of Langkawi.

A magical atmosphere overwhelms the place, the management and service which is purely Malaysian and the traditional care will plunge you into a unique Malaysian experience.

We are clearly health focused and claiming for a balanced life. Our goal is to give you the break you need while visiting our country - relax, quiet feeling, nature sound and smell, birds singing, breeze that make rustling leaves and trying delicate local products plus nature reworked for you. A whole experience!

We have four types of rooms namely Modern Room, Spa Room, Kampung Room and T Garden consisting of 88 rooms, blending them into the various size and type of plants, making the surrounding totally green. As we know accommodation is an important part of your travel, we just want to make sure it is really quiet, so that why we afraid to allow child 12 years old and below in our cottage.

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